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57:30 version of “Inside Peace” as presented by PBS television, includes special licensing, discussion topics, and access to 21-page (downloadable PDF) comprehensive classroom guide.

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Inside Peace follows Trinidad, David and Jake for four years from their time in prison to their return to the outside world. They begin to drop their tough facades and transform the way they interact with people as they put their lives back together from the inside out. This educational version includes public performance rights for classroom and community groups,  discussion guide, and a comprehensive 21-page teacher’s guide for in-depth study,

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Frequently Asked Questions (click on + to see FAQ response)

The Teacher’s Guide provides a set of lessons and lessons for teachers to use in an academic study of the film and the larger context of the criminal justice system in the U.S. and abroad. It is a mini-course that can cover 3-5 class sessions and includes:

  • Socratic Seminar Discussion Guidelines
  • Research Extensions
  • FAQs about the U.S. Criminal Justice System
  • Learning Objectives
  • National Standards met by the course of study
  • Background on making the film
  • Quotes from the film
  • Related Vocabulary

Additional Resources for more in-depth study

The Inside Peace Educational Version includes:

  •  The DVD 57-minute version of Inside Peace shown on PBS
  • A 21-page Teacher’s Guide.

The Teacher’s Guide is designed to be used by educators in grades 9 – 13+ who teach Social Studies, Civics, U.S. Government, History, Media Studies, Language Arts, Video Production, Criminal Justice, and Correctional Studies.

No, courses are not accredited, schools and universities are.

An international group of experienced educators worked on the Teacher’s Guide over a period of six months.

The Teacher’s Guide is very different from PEP in that it is an academic study of the film and the criminal justice system. PEP is about connecting people with their inner tools for living. The Teacher’s Guide is not designed to be used with PEP.

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